The International Journal on Working Conditions is an initiative of the Working Conditions Research Network (RICOT) promoted by the Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, with the support of several institutional partners. More detailed information about the RICOT can be found at

The RICOT was created with the intention of promoting and divulgating the production of knowledge about the technical-scientific field of working conditions. The structuring of the International Journal on Working Conditions is one of the initiatives that contribute to achieve that goal, as it seeks to establish a reflective base that reconcile the exchanges between Law, Economics, Engineering, Management, Politics, Psychology and Sociology, without neglecting the contributions from other areas, about the problematic of the working conditions.

It is a biannual periodic that is only available online. The moments of publication are the months of June and December of each year. Both the publication and access to the publications are free, without costs for authors and readers. Have as official languages the Portuguese and the English, being accepted the submission of papers in any of the languages.

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