The International Journal on Working Conditions accepts original academic works in the various areas related to working conditions. The publication is subject to a technical-scientific system of blind refereeing, provided by the member of Editorial Board.

lthough there are various conceptualizations and models of analysis about this thematic, we assume working conditions as a concept that refers to all elements that contribute to define the circumstances in which workers do their work. That is the term takes into account all aspects that influence directly or indirectly the exercise of a particular occupation, starting from the organizational context in which that activity is carried out, without losing of sight the dialectic that sets and resets at each moment between this context and the external environment.

Below there is a list of topics that will be considered in the journal:



1. Safety and Health at Work Prevention; Occupational Risks; Work Accidents; Surveillance and health promotion in the workplace, Occupational diseases; Safety culture and organizational aspects of occupational health.
2. Work Organization Autonomy and responsibility; Control of work; Rhythms of work; Design of the work content.
3. Diversity and interpersonal relationships at work Psychosocial climate; Discrimination at work; Sexual harassment; Mobbing.
4. Careers and Competences Careers; Salaries; Performance evaluation; Precariousness; Professional Development.
5. Participation, power and representation structures at work Structures of representation; Labor justice; Decision-making; Organizational communication.
6. Conciliation between spheres of life Work schedules, policies and measures to support birth and education of employees’ descendants; Policies and measures to support collective spirit.
7. Socioeconomic context and work performance Internal working pressure (eg, internal economic solvency) External working pressure (eg, labor regulation, concurrence).

The articles can be submitted in Portuguese or English. Should have a minimum of 6,000 words and a maximum of 9,000 words (including references, figures, and annexes). All formatting indications are available in the following Template.

Use the template to prepare the paper. The submission must be made by email:

In the edition of the journal are used tools of analysis and screening for plagiarism situations.

According to the RoMEO Color system related with, the IJWC have the following policy: “Can archive post-print (ie final draft post-refereeing) or publisher's version / PDF” (Colour Blue in RoMEO system of colours)

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